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The Fattest Vegan on Earth

Change for a year.  Year one.  Pick one thing you want to be, then do it.  Every day.  Every single day for a year.  Simple, isn’t it?

You know that bat-shit crazy old guy always spouting off crazy adventures and stories and times he had.  The one everyone runs into and thinks, “Man, that guy’s life was awesome!”  or at least, “Why the hell won’t this dirty old hippie shut up and let me get my grapes so I can get outta here.” I want to be that guy.  I’m 27 now.  Thirty years from now, changing one thing at a time, one chapter at a time, one year at a time, I could build something pretty nice.  Heck, maybe even one hell of an adventure to boot.

I’m jumping in.  Feet first.  I’ve never been one not to go all-in. Just ask anyone who’s known me before I developed the now crucial, “No third beer” rule.  The first adventure is getting healthy.  Being alive, it seems, is a good first step to finding happiness.  That’s my first step to becoming bat-shit crazy old man. This is my first chapter.  And I’m calling it, “The Fattest Vegan on Earth.”  Who is that?  Hello, my name is Jeff.  How do I know this?  A Google search for “world’s fattest vegan” brings up a woman who is 320 pounds.  Me, I weigh 371.6 pounds.  Boom.  Checkmate.  Final answer.  As of 1:42 a.m. on November 23rd I have decided, literally as I write this, to become a vegan.  Every day.  For a year.  It’s simple, I am now the world’s fattest vegan.

Chapter one has begun.  Bring on the kale smoothies and fresh carrot juice and raw veggies.  Let us talk of our favorite organic nuts and the deliciousness of tofurkey or whatever else you crazy hippie vegans do.  I guess I’ll find out.


  1. You have my interest, let me know how you go, day by day. What a wonderful journey you have embarked upon. You will be oiut the other end in no time, and so much healthier for your choice. Roslyn

  2. Best of luck with your year. Hope you plan on sharing some of your recipes along the way.

  3. I’m so glad I found your blog! I am a feet first kinda person too and that’s how I started my vegan adventure. I really look forward to keeping up with you on your journey! What a great choice you’ve made! You are going to love it! It’s a great time to start too, with so many more choices and information available. I totally dig your humorous and honest twist as well!

    • I’m loving it so far. And realizing they make vegan versions of just about anything so it’s really not like I’m giving up anything. In fact, I’m eating better food now than before!

  4. Being remembered as bat shit crazy is a goal more people should aspire towards! Sure would be a more interesting eulogy than most! Have fun!

  5. You are a great writer and so I’m so excited to follow your journey! I found the part where you wrote about your google search hilarious! Love the sarcastic humor…

    While I am not a vegan myself, I do eat/bake a lot of vegan foods, and know how great it makes my body feel. Just about taking it one step at a time and doing what feels right! Best of luck to you 🙂

    • Aw shucks. You’re making me blush. I had a hunch I may be the fattest and that was the first link I clicked on. Score! I guess that’s not something to be so proud of though … maybe I should take my self-made award off the wall?

  6. Jeff, welcome to the world of Veganism! My family and I have been vegans for ten years, and we love it. We will, with the Lord’s help, never go back to a SAD, (Standard American Diet) diet.

    One side note: stay away from the vegan meats. They are full of wheat, and wheat makes it hard to lose weight. Gluten free foods are best.

    Eat more raw vegan foods, they burn fat at an alarming rate. I know this because I lost over forty pounds and have kept them off, for years, with a mostly raw vegan food diet.

    Check out our vegan post:

    Keep up the good work Jeff, you can do it.

    Paul Worthington

    • Thanks. I don’t quite understand this whole gluten-free trend. But I’ve never really looked into it either. What’s so bad about whole wheat? Don’t you dare criticize my whole wheat vegan pizza now! 🙂

      The fresher and more natural the better though.

      • Hey Jeff. What’s bad about whole wheat? Today, most of it isn’t really whole wheat. Most wheat is filled with GMO and other additives that makes it almost impossible for the body to throw off water weight. And like you said, “the fresher and more natural the better.”

        However, Whole Foods sells a gluten-free pizza crust and gluten-free cheese.

        Thank you for allowing me to reblog your post.

  7. Are you still vegan? What is your weight now?

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