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One Week and One Weigh-in

Biggest surprise so far?  Being a vegan is not that hard.  Sure, I had to pass on birthday cake and steak slathered in A1 sauce and only eat a generic garden salad when I went out to eat with my friends.  But, honestly, I never was tempted once to go “off the wagon,” no matter how scrumptious that Sweet Asian wing sauce smelt on those darn chicken wings.

That is good.  I’d hoped for a challenge, but if the next 51 weeks go as easy as this one, I promise not to be too disappointed.

Being so black and white certainly helps.  There is no grey area to get lost in, no inner voice debating for twenty minutes, should I or shouldn’t I eat that food, then giving in and tossing caution to the wind and binging on everything in sight because, well hell, I’ll just start this thing tomorrow.  For real this time.  Heck, well I’m at it I’d better polish off that tray of brownies so tomorrow I’m not tempted.

As a vegan I just say, I can’t eat that stuff.  Simple.  There is no debate.  There is no taking that first step then sliding into a downward spiral like I’ve done a million times.  I think I need that.  For now, at least.  That’s not to say I didn’t polish off three plates of my veggie spaghetti the other night.

Starting Weight (November 20th): 371.6 pounds

Current Weight (December 1st): 354.4

Life is good.

But it’s only been a week.  I’m not ready to declare victory and dance a little jig just yet.  Maybe an air five?  I think that’s reasonable.


  1. I’m the same way! I remember once thinking I never would be vegan because it’d be hard, but I’m finding it to be surprisingly easy and worth my while. I honestly feel like going back to eating animal products would be intolerable, but there’s really no reason to do so. I had to give up my favorite pizza last night, but a big part of me really didn’t care, I saved money and had something equally delicious.

    Same with the binging thing. This is one thing that didn’t even have to wait. “I don’t eat that.” is definitely the best way to go.

    Good luck on the next 51 weeks!

  2. You deserve at least an air five! And a “well done.”

  3. Thats great! Well done! I have been Vegan for about 7 months now and have never struggled. I think it helps that I love to cook 🙂

  4. Before I was vegan I had a small number of recipes that I alternated. Now that I have about the same amount of vegan recipes that I rotate, it’s so easy to be vegan. So, now that I have some vegan recipes conquered, I can now try new things, but I always have something yummy and familiar to fall back on.

    It also helps to research what you can eat on the go for when you don’t have time to make a lunch or what you can have at different chain restaurants for when you go out with friends.

    When I tell people that it’s easy to be vegan, they find it impossible to believe, but it’s true!

    Congrats on the progress. Those are some amazing results for just a week! Keep it up!

    • I find myself going to Subway for a veggie sub occasionally. They’re delicious! I just use my smartphone to google wherever I’m going. Seems to work so far.

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