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6 Weeks Vegan, 6 Things I Hate about Veganism

Hate is such a strong word.  Normally I reserve it only for mass murderers, cauliflower, and the cast of Jersey Shore.  Being a vegan is great for the most part.  It’s easy to do.  The food is delicious.  I’m feeling better than ever.  I’m down 30 pounds.  It’s all good right?


If only the world were only about me.  Unfortunately, I have to deal with actually going out and doing things in the world and hanging out with all those other people.

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1. Restaurants that don’t make their nutrition info available
This past weekend everyone from work went out to dinner.  No problem, I thought.  I’ll just go online and find some good options I can eat at that restaurant.  If only it were that simple.  Some restaurants seem to take pride in making their nutrition info as hard to find as possible.  Look, it’s not a high-level, CIA-style conspiracy you’re trying to cover up.  I just want to know if your veggie burger is vegan or that delicious sauce on your burrito has milk in it, but hell, I can’t even find the calorie information on your useless web site.

2. Being “that guy”
So I order the veggie fajita (no meat, no cheese, no sour cream).  But then I have to ask the waitress if the veggies are sauteed in butter or oil.  When she says butter I have to ask if they can steam them or use oil.  Then my food comes, and it’s delicious, but who knows if those tortillas are vegan.  When we go to that Mexican place everyone likes where the servers hardly speak English, I just order best as I can and hope I’m eating as close to vegan as possible.

3. Living in the Midwest
I’m envious of all you bloggers living in “vegan friendly” cities.  I see your reviews of cool new restaurants and creative vegan lunches you grab on the go and think how cool that would it be to have a place that where I live.  Meanwhile, I’m pulling through Taco Bell to get a Fresco Bean Burrito since I haven’t had a chance to get groceries yet, and the only other vegan option is the veggie sub at Subway I’ve eaten the past two days.

4. “How do you get your protein?”
I know you’re just curious and trying to be nice, but don’t you see all those beans?  And rice?  And veggies.  And tortillas?  They all have protein in.  In fact, I just added up all the protein from my “protein-less” veggie fajita and it was about 30 grams.  And that’s just one meal (granted a big meal).  According to the World Health Organization recommendations for an average adult (.66 grams/kg), a 200 pound man needs 60 grams of protein a day.  I’m just going to just get some pamphlets to hand out, so I don’t have to pause in stuffing my face to answer this question daily.

5. “You should check with your doctor on that.”
Yeah, I will ask my doctor if he thinks it’s better that I remain a morbidly obese fat-ass or if I should try to change my life and eat a healthy plant-based diet.  If he tells me to eat more Twinkies, steak, and fatty dairy products I’ll probably die of shock anyway.

6. Buying new clothes
I’m down 30 pounds in 6 weeks.  Since I have another 139 pounds to lose to get to 200 pounds, that means I’ll be going through a lot of different stages of clothes over the next many months.  Looking this good is going to cost me a lot of money.


  1. Haha!

    Been there, done that, apart from the last one (never been fat).

  2. I hear ya! I also live in the Midwest and it definitely is ridiculous how there are no vegan places within 30 miles of me. Not to mention the sad 4×4 section at the grocery stores devoted to vegan/vegetarians!

  3. Just visited the Taco Bell drive thru and got a fresco bean burrito the other day. I live in the Midwest too so I can commiserate!

  4. I have three solutions that address all six of your concerns –

    1) Quit your job. Work is overrated, anyway. Sure, it pays the bills, but it really cuts down on your time to blog.

    2) Don’t eat out, period. There is so much we don’t know about restaurants and food preparation. I mean, remember when there were stories of disgruntled food service workers spitting on flame-broiled burgers?

    3) Move to Tibet. There you will find plenty of folks who support your food choice, see alternative doctors and wear only robes for clothes. How expensive could they be?

    I wish you well in your journey. I would say “write when you find work”, but in your case, “write when you find spiritual enlightenment.”

    • i don’t eat out much, but at the same time I’m trying to be more social and do more things this year, so I have to do the occasional invite out. I’m open to moving out of this country if I ever win the lottery. Too bad I never play. Maybe you can float me a half million or so if you ever strike it big? 🙂

  5. Being vegan is a little like going to the doctor—you have to be your own advocate and assertive at a time when you should be able to let your guard down. That’s the only part I hate.
    I grew up on a farm and came back to my hometown where the main industry is a slaughterhouse. Try telling these folks you don’t eat meat.

  6. As a fellow overweight vegan, I feel your pain with number 5. That gets so annoying.

    i just avoid going out to eat thanks to #2, haha…and i guess family gatherings too. jeebus!

    • I had a few friends visit recently so I went out to eat every day! It was crazy, but I found something at each place, though I didn’t want to interrogate the server so *fingers crossed* I hope I did okay.

  8. I live in California, which is very vegan-friendly, but I am originally from Ohio. Whenever I go back to Ohio I usually gain 10 pounds from having only carb options for days, so I feel your pain there. Anyway, when it comes to eating out, I go by a ‘two special requests rule’, where I feel like I am not being too annoying if I only ask to change two things about whatever the restaurant had planned for me like “beans instead of beef” and “avocado instead of cheese”. Usually two adjustments are enough to make any restaurant have something delicious so I don’t have to just order salad with vinegar everywhere I go!

  9. Oh lord, I hate being “that guy”. I’ve found myself prefacing my order with “I’m sorry, I’m about to be difficult, but…” Most waitstaff is very nice and accommodating, but sometimes they just don’t know if what they serve is vegan or not.

  10. You’re NOT the world’s fattest vegan – I am! I empathize over the fact that you can’t really tell what you’re eating at restaurants. Even when they tell you, they’re often inaccurate. A vegan veggie burger at a restaurant? You can get a vegan Boca at Red Robin. I haven’t seen them anywhere else.

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