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This Week in Vegan News – January 11th, 2013

Every Friday I post the most interesting vegan news articles and blogs I’ve read. This week in vegan news …

1. PETA Wants Mars to be 100 Percent Vegan
SpaceX founder Elon Musk has been talking about establishing a colony on Mars for years.  Now that NASA is on board and Musk has a plan for a colony of up to 80,000 people, PETA is again jumping on the Mars bandwagon to promote veganism.  Good news is “a vegan Mars is likely to be the norm and not just some pipe dream. Meat just isn’t sustainable or practical when it comes to space exploration,” the article says.  NASA is even working a mostly vegan menu for the long journey.

2. Vegan Refuses Vaccination of “Religious” Grounds
“A customer service representative who is a vegan, similar to being vegetarian, was fired at a Cincinnati hospital for refusing a flu vaccination derived from chicken eggs.”  It will be interesting to see how this case goes, as the worker is at a hospital, and refusing the vaccine could potentially put patients and other high-risk people in danger of getting the flu.

3. Miami Vegan Ultra Athlete to Munch Hummus, Sweet Potatoes During 62-Mile Race in Asia
I hope to transition back into running again as I lose weight, so I enjoy reading about vegan athletes like Chad Weller: “I’ll take a sweet potato, cut out the middle, and put salt in there with dates and agave. I store it in a backpack that I wear during the race. Then I eat the whole thing along the way like it’s an apple.”  He only eats snacks like this at the beginning of the race.  You know, like when you’re just getting warmed up at mile 25.

4. Steve-O Goes Vegan
Former Jackass Star Steve-O, the same guy that was once slingshotted into the air strapped inside a full port-o-potty, partnered with Farm Sanctuary to make a new documentary What Came Before (click link to watch the 11-minute video on youtube).  The short video shows some graphic scenes inside slaughterhouses.  I’ve never watched anything like this before, as I turned vegan for health reasons, so I was shocked.

5. Celebrity Vegans
R&B star Ne-Yo announced he is going vegan in 2013.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel endorsed a vegan meal plan put forth by Rip Esselstyn.  “Essentially, what I’m trying to do is to get America to eat healthier. Right now we’re just drowning ourselves in dairy products, too many animal products, red meat, processed refined foods, [and] so we need to become a nation of plant-strong responsible eaters,” Esselstyn said about his diet.


  1. Awesome! I’ll be looking forward to every Friday then ! 🙂
    Also, for #4, not that I think you’d want to see more of it or anything, but if ever you want to be educated on this topic any further, there are plenty of other documentaries out there, including the one that planted the “vegan seed” in my brain 5 years ago, it’s called “Food Inc”. Very insightful and disturbing…I plan to have some of my friends watch it so they “re-connect” with their food a little.

  2. I stopped eating meat, or rather began by cutting down on it for health reasons too, followed by chicken and eventually fish. It quickly changed to be for ethical reasons rather than health though. As PWP says, there is plenty of information around about the barbaric practices that go on in animal farming.

    I’m extremely sceptical about vaccinations and think the ‘flu one is nothing more than propaganda and an income stream for drug companies. As the vaccine is manufactured before anyone knows what strain of ‘flu is going to be around in any given year, it’s basically a best guess.

    The money would be better spent on patient care and cleaning properly to avoid cases of MSRI.

    Anyway great idea to summarise the week’s news, so thanks for this.

    • I’ve never gotten a flu shot in my life and probably never well, even though I get reimbursed for it if I want. Figure I never get it so why change my strategy.

      I’ve been following a lot of great vegan blogs, but don’t seem to see any spot to just get some general news on the vegan world, so figured I’d compile it myself. Glad other people seem to find it useful.

      • I read a few vegan blogs, although rarely try out recipes. But I gave up eating meat more than 20 years ago, probably around your age. (I sound like grandma). But I do understand the desire to find out more about how to change a lifestyle, because back in Ye Olden Dayes I would buy books/magazines to find information. I’m up on most of the issues, diet, nutrition, animal cruelty, and it’s just been my life now for so many years and I no longer hunt out info, so it’s nice to have it served on a plate, so to speak.

        Most of my readers, probably all, are not vegan, I can think of a couple of vegetarians, so I don’t write about food very often, although sometimes I will post about being vegetarian/vegan on my Clouds blog.

        Anyway, on roughseas, I do have a recipes page that I add to from time to time, I think there is one tofu recipe on there (thai green curry) but I should probably add some more given that my post popular page on the whole blog is olive pate! Feel free to browse.

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