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Vegan News – Trends, Spirituality, Raw Food, and Sexy Celebs

Every Friday I post the most interesting vegan news articles and blogs I’ve read. This week in vegan news …

1. Vegan awareness is on the rise

Photo by NS Newsflash

Photo by NS Newsflash

Articles about veganism are popping up all over major news outlets. has an interview with one of the experts featured in Forks Over Knives, Cornell University nutritional scientist T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.  In Going Vegan in 2013 Campbell argues, “Our body is always trying to restore health. When a whole food, plant-based diet is adopted, it quickly adjusts in the direction of health.”

The NY Times wellness blog features some good advice from various chef’s about How to Go Vegan. This in particular rung true after my first foray into tofu:

“Trying to recapture something and find an exact substitute is really hard,” she said. “A lot of people will try a vegetarian meatloaf right after they become vegetarian, and they hate it. But after you get away from eating meat for a while, you’ll find you start to develop other tastes, and the flavor of a lentil loaf with seasonings will taste great to you. It won’t taste like meat loaf, but you’ll appreciate it for itself.” – Susan Voisin

2. The Religious Side of Veganism

Photo by Jon Genius

Photo by Jon Genius

“In the past two months, at least 15 nurses and other hospital workers in four states have been fired for refusing to get a flu shot, and several others have resigned.” A vegan worker who was fired in December 2010 doesn’t find that ethical and is suing the hospital she was fired from on religious grounds.

On the heels the ongoing legal debate about veganism and religion, Dr. Will Tuttle, author of The World Peace Diet, wonders Why are Few Spiritual Teachers Vegan?

“This vegan evolution is, in many ways, a leaderless revolution where we are all leaders, and where the growing, awakening vegan community is itself the spiritual leader of our culture,” writes Tuttle.

3. Is Being a Raw Vegan Bad for Your Health?

Photo by SweetOnVeg

Photo by SweetOnVeg

In an article for LiveScience, Christopher Wanjek goes through 5 Misconceptions about Following a Raw Vegan Diet. These misconceptions include how cooking affects enzymes and nutrients, as well as if eating a strictly raw diet is detoxifying, natural, and healthful.

Not being a raw foodie myself, I’m curious what someone who follows a strictly raw diet thinks of his claims.

Wanjek writes, “This myth busting is not intended to belittle the much-maligned raw vegan, but rather to inform rawists of the realities of this challenging diet.”

4. Sexy Celebrities and Award Show Blues ran an interesting article, The 25 Sexiest Vegan and Vegetarian Celebrities. I clicked on the story purely for journalistic reasons, mind you. And get this! It’s all men. What a disappointment. At least Venus Williams talks about being vegan with the Associated Press. Or a “cheagan,” as she cheats sometimes.

Even in the world of Hollywood, famous vegans can’t get a good meal when dining out: Vegan Celebrities go hungry at the globes. Mayim Bialik, actress for The Big Bang Theory, wrote in her wrap-up of the event, “there was nothing for me to eat, game over.”


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