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Oreos, Junk Food, My Braveheart Beard, and a Weigh-In

I stepped on the scale the morning of February 1st — 335 lbs.

That’s only four pounds for the month of January. I have a confession. In just two months I’ve mastered what for many will take a lifetime. I am now an expert in vegan junk food. Part of this is due to an incredibly busy month. Part of it is due to being lazy. Part is due to, well, lets see:

  1. Strawberry Cream Oreos
  2. Double Stuff Oreos
  3. Skittles
  4. Little Debbie Apple Pies
  5. Twizzlers
  6. Little Debbie Chocolate Pies
  7. Potato Chips
  8. Little Debbie Cherry Pies
  9. Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies
  10. Tofutti Cuties (vegan strawberry ice cream sandwiches)
  11. Chocolate Almond Mik
  12. Cocoa Puff Muffins
  13. Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yeah, I’ve got to eat a little healthier. The sad thing is Little Debbie Pies are actually pretty disgusting. Gooey corn syrup and sugar and, who am I kidding, they are delicious. Maybe I could try eating some fruit.

Goal for February: lose 16 pounds. Ambitious, but I think it can be done.

Weigh-ins since going vegan:

November 20: 371.2 lbs

December 1: 354.4 lbs

January 1: 339 lbs

February 1: 335 lbs

Four pounds a month isn’t so bad you may be thinking. After all, that’s 50 pounds a year! Here’s the problem. I’ve vowed not to shave until I hit 299, so I’ve got to try a little harder. It’s starting to get out of control.

Angry Beard Look - What do you mean you're out of Hummus!

Angry Beard Look – What do you mean you’re out of Hummus!


  1. Keep pressing on…you are still headed in the right direction! Two steps forward and one step back still equals a step forward. πŸ™‚ Plus you make me laugh!

  2. You’re on the right track! Just think a 4lbs loss is better than a 4lbs gain! Plus the beard looks good! Keep it up, you can do it!

  3. The good news here is that 1. You noticed the slow down before it turns ugly, and 2. You know what you need to do to fix it. So just do it. And if you really want to kick the weight loss into high gear, cut out the added fats. Use water or veg stock to sautΓ© instead of oil. It still tastes good and is way better for you in the long run.

  4. Ah! You are hilarious! Good for you.. the vegan junk foods get me EVERY TIME. It’s like I eat MORE oreos since going vegan πŸ˜› Ridiculous!

    Good job on the weight loss!

  5. Keep up the hard work – at least you still lost in January and not the other way around. I’ve got 10 more to go… I’ll cut out the bad food with you!

  6. Congrats on losing the four pounds. You can and will do it Jeff. You have identified the enemy (junk food), now all you have to do is defeat the enemy.

    Remember, it really is one day at a time. So keep fighting and you will win this battle.


  7. Everything they all said. Those co-op cashiers should be quaking in their boots.

  8. I can totally relate. I am not currently vegan but i have gone vegan for as long as two years before, and it is so so so easy to eat junk.

    You will achieve your goals, i think, because you sound fairly determined.

  9. What you’re doing is awesome. When I went vegan I quickly discovered Oreos as well. Good luck!

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