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“Non Douche Vegan” and Other Searches People Use to Find My Blog

Now that I’ve been blogging a few months, I’m getting a few people trickling in my site via the major search engines. Mainly the searches involve vegan pizza and brownies, Dr. Seuss, quitting your job, and various vegan news items, but a few of them are quite humbling.

The WordPress Stats page is an interesting place to see the cross section of my mind and the anonymous masses searching the internet.


Searches that prove I need to eat better and work out more

  1. vegan junk food
  2. junk food for vegans
  3. world’s fattest vegetarian
  4. world’s fattest vegan
  5. weight loss vow to self
  6. fattest vegan blog

Searches that make me think, “Why the hell would you Google that?”

  1. non douche vegan
  2. nude vegans
  3. nose picking
  4. blind date fails
  5. group nose picking
  6. fat man in tight t shirt
  7. chubby v neck tight pants

Searches that prove I’m helping to answer the important questions of the world

  1. what the hell does a vegan eat anyway (answer, “Tons of stuff!”)
  2. are oreos junk food (answer, “Yes.”)
  3. who is the fattest vegetarian in the world (answer, “Uh, me apparently.”)
  4. what to do last day of year (answer, “Prepare for the apocalypse by finally eating a vegan cheeseburger.”)
  5. would you rather work one job for thirty years or thirty different jobs for one year each?” (answer, “Yes.”)

The top five most shared blog posts

  1. Dreaming in the Dark
  2. Dr. Seuss Goes Vegan
  3. Aimee Smith – 427 Pounds to Triathlete
  4. Hello, My Name is Jeff, and I’m a Junk Food Addict
  5. 50 Days Vegan, 50 Things I’ve Leaned

Do you have any odd searches people use to find your blog?


  1. Funniest one I’ve received is “guy riping tinkle bell.” I don’t even know what that means LOL

  2. I get “guess how much I love you chocolate” all the time. It’s so weird and it’s always that exact phrase.

  3. haha i can relate, i always get people who search “white girls who can twerk” and “black pregnant stripper” … haha the power of hashtags!

  4. I was puzzled by the search “cow licks hand” until I realized that was the title of a photo of my sister and a cow at Farm Sanctuary. I was getting those hits from google images. Also, I got, “midwest mom east ‘my mom'”. What the heck does that mean?

  5. Brilliant post!

    In fact, it is so brilliant, I am going to pay you the highest compliment one blogger can pay another blogger – I’m going to steal your idea.

  6. hahahahahahahhahha,…your pour thing! But we will find your lovely blog somehow!

  7. This is hysterical. Every once in a while, I notice some bizarre search terms on my blog, too. (I guess I ask for it in a way because I write about prisons) but I’ve gotten “hot women in prison,” lots of people wanting to know about “keistering,” and just today: “fetish deabcap guillotine hanging” whatever the hell that means. (I suppose I should know since they found my blog)!

  8. I found it by typing in “manly veganism”, haha.

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