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Five Months in, 45 Pounds Down

May 1st I stepped on the scale — 326.

Ahh! When will I ever hit the 50 pound mark? Oh, you mean eating Skittles every day is a bad idea. Okay, makes sense.

But it’s not all bad news. At least I’m back on track after wallowing in the 330’s for months. I lost a whole 10 pounds this month, and, honestly, I can eat and certainly exercise a lot better than I’ve been.

Lets recap my progress.

Start (November 23th) – 371.6
January 1st – 339
February 1st – 335
March 1st – 333
April 1st – 336
May 1st – 326

Overall, being down 45 pounds ain’t bad. But that leaves 75 more to go by the end of the year. More importantly — this fucking beard is getting out of control. See, back in January, after having dropped 30 pounds in just 5 weeks, I vowed to not shave until I got below 300 pounds. What was another 40 pounds?

Turns out, it is a lot. I’d really like to shave before my vacation to New York. Can I drop another 26 pounds in 6 weeks time? Well, I can only try.

A couple of friends ran the Kenosha marathon this past weekend. I told one of them I’d join them next year and do the half. Uh-oh. Think I might be fucked.

Time to really hit the gym on a consistent basis.


  1. Congratulations on losing so much weight and keep up the good work 🙂

  2. You can do this!! And you are doing so well! It is so hard to stay motivated! Just keep going!!

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