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On Being a Badass and Taking Over the World

When I started this blog and got my first follower and my first comment, I thought, “Wow, ain’t that cool. Someone actually read my stuff.” Six months later I get this little notification from WordPress: seems I’ve surpassed a thousand followers on

I’d like to give a giant shout out to Discovering Garrett for being lucky number 1000! You win, well, gee-whiz, I don’t really have anything cool to give you. So I’ll just wish you best of luck on the new EP you will be releasing. Yeah, it’s scary, but someone once told me you should be uncomfortable every day, because that is the only way to grow as a person.

I think that someone was John Lennon, or maybe Elanor Roosevelt, or maybe even Elmo himself. Whoever it was, it’s fantastic advice. I wish I’d had the courage to follow it a decade ago.

And lets not forgot my first follower, Paul Mark Sutherland, who today posted this quote:

“Content makes poor men rich; discontent makes rich men poor.” –Benjamin Franklin

Well, I’m content, and I do feel rich, so I think Mr. Franklin may be on to something here. And I’d like to thank my first commenter, HerbiFit, who gave me some kind words of encouragement when I barely knew what blogging was.

And of course there’s many more of you in between, over a thousand more of you in fact. Throw in a few followers from Twitter and email and we’re up to almost 1400 — and growing! So I can’t name you all, but I appreciate those who stop by, especially those of you who are regular commenters. Those who don’t, the silent majority that only read, I appreciate you too.

I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in five years and what kind of adventure I’ll be on. When this year-long vegan project is over and I move onto another dream (while still continuing to get healthy), it’s going to be scarier still, and I will be uncomfortable and unsure about taking this blog in the wildly different direction I have planned, especially since I now have so many people on this train with me. But that’s the only way to grow, and it’s the only way I know to chase my dreams, so thank you for all tagging along with me on this journey. I hope you don’t mind the year-long detours that are bound to come when I hit each anniversary.

I’m looking forward to remaining uncomfortable with you for a long time.


  1. Congratulations.

    Does this mean that, like John Lennon, you are now bigger than God?

    • No, I just started following God on Twitter, he has many followers than me in the digital world. I’m guessing he has the edge in the real world as well. 🙂

      But he’s had a head start.

  2. Congratulations on reaching this significant milestone in a relatively short time. I hope you reach the next 1,000 followers even more quickly. Good luck. – Mike

  3. Jeff, I wish you continued success in your discomfort. I admire your courage, your transparency, and your humor. I think I’ll stick no matter what your direction.

    Over a thousand followers! My little site is tucked in a virtual corner (no Facebook, no Twitter) with a narrow appeal, so I’m thrilled to be creeping up on 400 followers!

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