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Month: November 2013

There’s Intelligent Life, We’ll Never See It, and It Doesn’t Matter

There are two questions that every human must ask themselves in their lifetime. Where did we come from, and are we alone in the universe?

In many ways, we’re closer to answering those questions than ever. Recently, it was reported that there is as many as 40 billion Earth-like planets — just in our Milky Way galaxy.

USA Today led its story with these words: “We are not alone.”

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I’m a Fucking Baller (The Life of a Writer)

Everyone’s jealous, and it’s because I’m freaking awesome. I’m not even 30, and I’ve hit my life goal: full-time writer. There’s nowhere to go from here but down.

Over the past four months I’ve written 171 articles. Some of them we’re actually pretty good. Because of this fact, I have achieved what the cool kids call “baller status.”

I see it everywhere I go. Grown men burst into tears. Children squeal. Women flock.

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