Change for a Year

Take a year. Change your life.

Don’t take your greatness, your ideas, to the graveyard with you

I don’t do video-only posts often, but there’s an exception to every rule. I’ve never seen something that so perfectly encapsulated this blog.

Watch. Get motivated. Repeat.

You’re welcome.


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    Are you making New Year’s resolutions? Thinking about what you did not accomplish in 2013, or maybe what awesome things you did accomplish in 2013? Nothing happens untill you do something, but many of us are happy with “good enough”, comfortable, or are afraid of change. There is no growth or progress without change and effort.
    What lights you up? What over clocks your processor, what quickens your pulse? Do you want it, or do you want to dream? Check out this video and get ready to step up.

  2. Interesting… Deep thoughts came into my head 🙂

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    Makes a great workout motivator as well…..get moving!

  4. Gracias por el vídeo, muy interesante, sirve para fuente de inspiración y de reflexión…

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