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It was quiet, not soundless, but worse — the sound of a half dozen people trying to be quiet — the kind of quiet that demands you scream, a primal scream that can only explode after a deep breath, deep as you can get, so deep that you can feel it go down into your toenails and spring back off the tip of your toes before you launch yourself upwards from bent knees and just belt, belt at the top of your lungs as your chair topples over and your coffee spills and you go and go until every ounce of air is gone and you’re empty inside, empty like the squeezed out juice pouch you put in a kid’s lunchbox each morning, nothing left but squished fingers.

I cleared my throat politely, nothing more.

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Sarah’s 2012 To Do Lists

A short story in list form …

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When I heard her laugh I fell in love. It was the laugh of a real woman, a no-holds-barred laugh, an I-don’t-give-a-fuck-what-the-world-thinks-of-me laugh. It came from deep within her stomach and exploded across the bar. It was the reason I first noticed her. It was the reason I fell so hard, so fast.

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