I’ve gotten a few inquiries on freelance writing since writing “Why I quit my job and you should too.”

I started freelancing in early 2013, springboarding off my college experience of writing for local newspapers. By May I was full-time, and by July I was the editor of an awesome new tech startup. It’s a phrase that still makes me giddy to type out: I am a full-time writer. It was a dream I’d given up on long ago until this blog breathed on the embers and they burst back into flame.

Periodically, I get that God-awful urge to write about writing, as if the internet isn’t already overloaded with blowhards spouting off on the topic. When I get the urge to become one of the blowhards, I’ll link to those posts here.

I’m terrible at a great many things, many of them related to writing, but I have a solid grasp on what sets me apart, and that has helped me immensely in capitalizing on my luck.

The Newbie Guide to Freelance Writing