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Best and Worst Writing Advice – Newbie Freelance Writing Guide

The internet is filled with writers, opinions and advice. Some of it is excellent. Much of it is utter nonsense. To paraphrase my favorite favorite fictional vice president as played by Julia Louis-Dreyfuss: I’ve met plenty of people, and most of them are pretty fucking stupid.

Sometimes it seems writers spend more time writing about writing than they do actually writing. I know. You’re probably thinking, Jeff, isn’t this exactly what you’re doing right now? You got me. Guilty. The only reason I’m adding to the nonsense is because people have asked. And, well, let me be perfectly honest. I should be productive and start working on the two articles that are due Friday morning, but I’m putting that off by blogging about writing instead.

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Newbie Freelance Writing Guide – How to Develop Sources

The one thing that amazes me whenever I read about freelance writing online — no one ever mentions sources. What’s a good story without a good source? In fact, think it’s so important I’m leading off this series with the topic.

I blame blogging. Or the internet. You could say it’s lazy journalism, but I’m going out on a limb and saying people just do not know any better. Say you’re a reporter. There’s a fire, and you have to write a story. That’s easy. Everyone knows what to do, even if you’ve never written anything before.

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